“What do I bring to my appointment?”

All new patients require a referral letter from their GP.

Please bring a list of medications you are taking, and also any x-rays or scans you may have had for your condition.

Many people find having a close friend or relative with them at the appointment can be helpful and comforting.

“What can I expect at my consultation?”

Dr Lachlan Maddock will ask about your symptoms and medical history.  He will perform a physical examination and bedside tests.  It may be necessary to do some further investigations (blood tests or scans) to accurately assess and treat your condition.

A letter and reports will be sent to your GP to keep them informed of your health issue.

“I haven’t got private health insurance.  Can I still make an appointment?”

Dr Lachlan Maddock is happy to see non-insured patients.  He is a consultant Vascular Surgeon at Box Hill hospital and Monash Health and can arrange for treatment in these public hospitals if needed.